Friday, 16 December 2016

Estranged Notions: Strange Notions is the #4 Ranked Atheist Blog on the Internet! (not)

This went up yesterday and I missed it:

Strange Notions is the #4 Ranked Atheist Blog on the Internet!

“Feedspot” seems to be a typical feed-reader site that also posts a regular stream of “Top <N> <subject> blogs” articles, all from the same template and quite possibly automatically generated. Their “Top 30 Atheist Blogs” post, which actually contains 32 entries, lists SN at #4 (after Freindly Atheist, r/atheism, and Atheist Revolution); Brandon seems to think that this means something. The meaninglessness of the list, though, is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the #7 entry confuses the blogging network “The Orbit” with Greta Christina's blog which is merely one of the blogs hosted there; #14 is Randal Rauser's blog (even less of an atheist blog than SN is); #16 is “Atheists are Idiots”, a deranged rad-trad Catholic; #18 is “Atheism Analyzed”, another deranged anti-atheist (and evolution denier); and #21 is “Atheistwatch”, one of Joe Hinman's blogs (Joe is resident theist gadfly at the Secular Outpost).

So congratulations, Brandon, you have been given an award by… a purveyor of meaningless awards.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

USA election thread

Let's keep discussion of the US election and its aftermath in just this thread, please.